Shane Hunter

In brief:

  • A.K.A.:
  • What do I do?:
    Breakfast on demand 6-9am weekdays. I'm the host :)
  • Go-to feel-good track:
    Billy Joel Matter of trust is pretty up there; Macklemore Feat. Kesha: Good Old Days

How did you get into radio?

Something I've always wanted to do... Turns out I'm actually really good at it as well ?

What do you love about working with 919?

Being part of a dynamic team that's die hard and makes things happen and keep everyone on their toes and entertained at the same time.

If we say Joburg, what comes to mind?

History and culture... Straight away the city skyline comes to mind

Where are you based, and what’s the route you travel to get to the station?

Honeydew Ridge, West Rand… I travel through Randburg and Hyde Park… I'm lucky to get a good drive through some great sights through various routes.

What do you get up to when you’re not doing your show / working at 919?

I run my own company called Supply Inc that provides a wide variety of products in the fabrication and manufacturing game.

Who are your favourite artists and genres?

There are so so many to mention… But definately a sucker for commercial pop and rock…