Lebo Masike

In brief:

  • A.K.A.:
    I don't have one (yet!).
  • What do I do?:
    Saturday Soundtrack Saturday 7am - 11am
  • Go-to feel-good track:
    Groovers Prayer ~ Thebe

How did you get into radio?

Started off on campus radio in Durban

What do you love about working with 919?

The amazing vibe, bringing the community together with good energy.

If we say Joburg, what comes to mind?

A city filled with endless possibilities.

Where are you based, and what’s the route you travel to get to the station?


What do you get up to when you’re not doing your show / working at 919?

Run, yoga and spend time with my beloved.

Who are your favourite artists and genres?

Way too many to mention.